Dr. Susan Zaidel, Clinical Psychologist

Individual, Couple and Family Therapy

Focused and Short-term

Kinds of Therapy

Dr. Zaidel offers a variety of therapies to meet your needs – individual therapy, couple therapy, family therapy and also brief interventions for those considering (or ready to begin) divorce.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy with Dr. Susan Zaidel helps people who are in crisis, who are coping with difficulties such as divorce, immigration, illness and death in the family, retirement, self-image and lack of confidence.

Psychotherapy may be helpful in overcoming depression and anxiety, sometimes in conjunction with medication prescribed by a doctor.

Couple Therapy or Marriage Counselling

Couple therapy helps couples at all stages of their relationship: before marriage and during marriage and also with same-sex couples. The focus of treatment may be the couple relationship, the couples’ functioning as parents or their relationship with extended family.

Common issues are affairs (fidelity and trust), sex life, how anger and disagreements are expressed and resolved.

Family Therapy

Family therapy with Dr. Zaidel brings about improvement in interpersonal relationships in the family – between parents and children, between siblings and with the extended family on both sides.

Common reasons for family therapy include serious illness, disability or death in the family, coping with children at different developmental stages, relations with adult children and their spouses or other difficulties.

Special Services Offered to Couples Who Are Considering Divorce

Dr. Susan Zaidel is an expert in divorce and offers a variety of interventions for individuals and couples who are considering divorce or are unsure about the viability of their marriage.

If you would like to know about all the divorce services Susan offers, go to her other website: https://www.haskamot.com

Assessing the Marriage

There are many couples who are ambivalent and unsure about remaining together. Susan offers help in assessing the state of the marriage and the likelihood that couple therapy will lead to significant improvement - and in examining the likely consequences of divorce. Often the spouses differ in how they view the marriage and in their readiness to divorce. A few meetings with Susan may enable the couple to make an informed decision about their future. The intervention may involve joint or individual sessions.

Ending the Marriage with Closure

Dr. Zaidel offers a brief intervention for couples in which one spouse has decided to divorce and the other spouse has to accept the consequences of the one-sided decision. It is difficult to cope with an unwanted divorce without understanding what went wrong.
Dr. Zaidel helps put closure on the marriage by increasing the understanding of both spouses regarding their part in the failure of the marriage and also by acknowledging the positive aspects of the marriage.
Emotional readiness for the divorce will make it easier for the couple to discuss and resolve the practical issues that need to be resolved in order to reach an agreement and process the divorce in court.

Nice to Meet You

Dr. Susan Zaidel was born and educated in the U. S. She immigrated to Israel after completing her doctoral studies (Ph.D. in clinical psychology, University of California, Los Angeles, 1970). After many trainings in marriage and family therapy, she became a Certified Couple and Family Therapist (1990). She is also a Certified Family Mediator and an expert in divorce mediation and collaborative divorce.

Susan brings over 40 years of experience as a psychologist in a wide variety of public and private services, including 26 years as a psychologist in the Maccabi Health Service in Haifa.

Dr. Zaidel’s approach to therapy is eclectic – she uses ideas and methods taken from a variety of therapeutic models – as every person and every couple is unique. She focuses more on the present and the future than on the distant past. She tries to increase self-awareness and the understanding of significant others in order to improve communication and learn ways for resolving conflict.

Dr. Susan favors short-term therapy and encourages her clients to continue their progress without the need for weekly visits. She looks for your strengths in order to help you cope with the problems in your life.

To set an appointment with Dr. Susan in her office in Herzliya, call her now at 058 7500765 or leave your details below and Susan will get back with you.

It is also possible to have sessions via Skype for those who live far from Herzlia but would like Susan to be their therapist.

Dr. Susan Zaidel

Clinical Psychologist

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